Well today was a first for us.  I was giving Avery, jr a haircut with the “tickle clippers” as we call them (so he doesn’t get freaked out) in his bathroom.  Parker is getting baptized Sunday and Av needed a clean-up haircut.  He had hair all over the place afterward, so I asked if he wanted to take a bath – silly question!  Before we hopped in the tub, I just sat him on the potty for a minute. 

In a few seconds, he was looking into the potty sort of fascinated/confused and then looked up at me. He said, “Av-ey tee-tee!!?” Yup – he peed in the big boy potty for the first time today.  I’m positive there was no intent whatsoever, it was just a coincidence, but at least he saw how excited Mommy got and was told how much of a big boy he was.  Positive reinforcement can go a long way.  Of course, seconds after he leaped into the tub, he emptied his bladder of what was left…a lot more than before.  Ah, it’s a start at least. 

We’re not really pushing the potty training thing right now because we’ve got a new baby and will be moving in a few months.  Those two factors alone are enough to make him revert back to diapers in a matter of days once we move, so we’re just waiting it out and reading books on the potty for fun right now.

My little boy is growing up so fast…



2 Responses to “Potty!?”

  1. mags Says:

    So fun! What a great new world of parenting, potty training is!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    You’re right, we’ll still have some potty parties every now and then! 🙂

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