Our Almost New Home

Things have been moving along steadily in the direction of a new house for us in Nashville, so I thought I might actually post a few pictures of the house for you to see.  It’s not an architectural marvel, but the basement and yard really sold us.  We’ve got a lot of plans for it, including painting/removing the wood paneling (barf) in the kitchen and basement, and some other funky things still need to be done, but we’re getting excited.

This whole home-buying thing is totally new and CRAZY.  Applying for a mortgage loan is insane and takes forever. They need documentation of your entire life from the past 5 years it seems and even then, they keep asking question after question.  Credit report checks, proof and explanation of funds sufficient, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

We just got the home inspection done Wednesday and the biggie is the roof -it leaks and must be replaced.  The HVAC is outdated but not kaput, so we’ll probably get a home warranty.  Perks of buying an older home.  The brand new ones ARE “move-in ready” as they say, but the character and mainly, space, is just not there in the new subdivisions.  I’ll quit rambling and let you take a look at 281 Ivywood!!


2 Responses to “Our Almost New Home”

  1. mags Says:

    Congrats! Confession……can I say that I was very relieved to read the paneling is going to go? I know it’s not my house, but, like, I was a little worried. I thought, certainly they’ll at least paint it or something. Yea!!

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Yeah, it’s going to go if sheetrock doesn’t cost that much. Yuch yuchy paneling – ugh! If it’s too expensive to go, it’s getting a new white outlook on life! You crack me up! Love ya!

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