especially maps

I was flipping the pages of a book that I checked out from the library today (Rare Hematologic Malignancies by Stephen M. Ansell) when I realized that I really like paper. I got off on a tangent and found a couple of scrap pieces of blank paper. The clean edges, the unlimited possibilities of what could be written or drawn. I’m supposed to be environmentally friendly, but man, I like paper (especially maps).

In an unrelated side trail, there are approx 7 female residents in the room across the hall watching a pageant on TV (Miss USA?). I know that I have introvert tendencies (more than you’d guess), so I don’t feel like trying to join in the fray. I think one of the fascinations I have with following Traveler on his hike along the Appalachian Trail is the solitude. I don’t think that I’d want to be away from my wife and boys that long, but there is something raw and moving about that.

When I log into wordpress to blog, there’s a tool bar of sorts at the top of my page. A “next blog” function allows me to surf to a random blog within wordpress. I do this from time to time and mainly find the following types of blogs:

1. Religious, trying to be funny

2. Anti-religious, but desperately searching for something

3. Infertility or other chronic medical conditions (ex. cancer)

4. 12-year old girls with horrendous grammar

5. People trying to be artsy because that seems cool

Obviously, my NICU call is going well. Only about 10 hours left…


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4 Responses to “especially maps”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    we have a bad cell of thunderstorms coming through tonight, …this morning, which is why I am blogging at 3:10 Am! Hannah simply freaks out with the loud rain, much less thunder, so I was quite awake from her kicking, but Chad seems to handle it better than me, I am. Wow, your last call! I hope it is a quiet night for you. Chad and I are so excited about Nashville and I’m pumped that I can go with her next week to check it out.
    Oho, maybe no one has said anything, but I enjoy keeping up with Traveler. thanks for posting them. HAve a great morning and give my nephews some sugar from their GA auntie 🙂

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I just read my post and sorry that my thoughts are unusually random..comes with the territory I suppose.

  3. mixonitup Says:

    Yes, because my thoughts are always neat and orderly… Whatever Rebecca, I’m just glad you read and comment, it’s very encouraging. Just me or does it seem like the storms always roll through Atlanta at 3:15 am?

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Oh no.. it’s not just you. I would love for a good one to come through at a nice..oh..11:00 AM and stay on for a nice soft rain for us to nap with, but no, in God’s sense of humor He has seen fit for lightning to flash and thunder roll and roar leading the house to shake at 3:00 AM!! Chad and I were just joking about it last night and I was saying how comfortable the couch really was for sleeping on! He awoke me at 7:30, so i did get roughly 6 hours broken up…but it reminded me way too much of nightly nursing schedules:) Hope ya’ll have a great day in your travels. I’m off to prepare a Bible Study that is overdue. I’ll pray that thunderstorms come through Nashville at 11:00 for you guys:)

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