Saturday Night Live (music)

Sitting here watching a little basketball in the background and really enjoying some old favorites, thought I’d share. Some are obviously dated. 

American Tune

The Only Living Boy in New York

 Something in The Way She Moves

Leo Kottke Medley

Wrapped Around Your Finger

New Year’s Day


Reasons Why

Last Call


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3 Responses to “Saturday Night Live (music)”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I happen to be up at this insane hour with a thunderstorm b/c of Hannah. They don’t mix! So, in between peals of thunder, I am enjoying catching your tunes. Great one with Paul S. Nice mix and some, i’m afraid to say, that I’ve never heard of before. Well, it’s thundered 3 times now, and she hasn’t wakened, so i”ll try to get some shut eye! Thanks for your faithful posting for those of us blogging challenged!

  2. Black Coffee & Bourbon Says:

    Tony Trischka is amazing! Who knew Steve Martin could play like that? The Crow is a great song!

  3. mixonitup Says:

    I had this old tape of a Steve Martin Stand-up act from the 80’s and he incorporated the banjo into his routine. I knew he played, but didn’t know that he played so well or composed his own music.

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