Lazy Saturday


A fairly good intro to how the day started. Pancakes were not to be denied to the boy. That’s what I get for mentioning it to him yesterday, but we did chocolate chip pancakes as opposed to the regular. He didn’t notice. Went to the zoo for the better part of the morning. Again, the Lowry Park Zoo here has zero lions in residence (shouldn’t that be a requirement for every zoo?). Every time you ask Avery what he saw at the zoo, his first answer is always, confidently, lions. Jen has the camera with her in Nashville, so no new photos today.

Saw this couple at the zoo this morning that caught my eye. He was weraing a Boston Red Sox shirt, a Washington Nationals Hat, and she was wearing a NY Giants hat. What ever happened to “If you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with” ?? Let’s realize that no one is actually from Tampa, but we’re all here now, so let’s pull for our local teams! This is definitely on my mind as opening day of Baseball season is right around the corner.

Both had a good nap this afternoon and went to Publix for the second day in a row, out of milk.


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