Sonic Boom

1. The words that “Guile” would say in Street Fighter II when his spinning rings of power would fly across the screen.


2. The sound that we here in Tampa heard at approx 8:30 tonight when the Shuttle passed over to land. FYI, the shuttle actually makes twin sonic booms as it passes through the atmosphere prior to landing. (One from the nose and one from the tail).



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4 Responses to “Sonic Boom”

  1. mags Says:

    Hey, Jenn–I use Photoshop to make my banners/headers. You can buy $4 kits from different websites and use the pieces and parts from it to design whatever look you’re going for. I use mostly littledreamerdesigns, weedsandwildflowers and twopeasinabucket for my kits. There’s a lot of stuff that’s free, too.
    Anyway, that’s how!

  2. mixonitup Says:

    I love the way your comment had nothing remotely to do with this post. Thanks for the tips Mags!

  3. Emily Hutton Says:

    The boom was so loud over here that a couple car alarms went off in the parking lot! Good to talk to you the other day, Jen. Hope the little guys are doing well!


  4. mixonitup Says:

    According to the local news radio this morning, the Hillsborough county 911 service received over 100 calls about the sonic boom. Bet they got tired of that one.

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