Avery’s soooo 2!

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks and today.  He’s really funny with some of the stuff he’s doing.  Their little minds – who knows what’s going on in there?!  He is such a great big brother, though, and is adjusting well.  Jealousy is really not an issue, thank goodness.  Enjoy the photos!

1.  Found him up on the step-ladder (“stumpy” as he calls it?) and asked him what he was doing.  “Cleaning!” he says happily.  Glad I had just cleaned the countertops, for real!cleaning.jpg

2.  This was after bathtime.  The robe is for 0-9 mos, but, really – who wears them then!?  They can’t even walk and it’s so much cuter on him now that he can walk around in it. The white spoon is really an all-purpose tool: spoon, drumstick, bat, umbrella, guitar, and here – a horn! horn.jpg

3.  Found him doing this this morning. I did not set him up in the splits and actually, he had them better than this before I got the camera.  Limber!! splits.jpg

4.  no comment except that if you know what this is, it’s pretty funny!!


5.  I was upstairs changing out laundry. Usually I’ll leave him alone when he’s in his room, but today, I left him downstairs by himself.  I knew there was a reason I don’t do that much!!  He was very pleased with himself, but did help pick some of it up.



6 Responses to “Avery’s soooo 2!”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    All of them are adorable! The breast pump is a killer, you’ve got to save that for his rehearsal dinner:) Jen, Loved talkin’ to ya today!

  2. Jen Says:


  3. Brad Says:

    I love it!

  4. mags Says:

    that was me, not brad 🙂

  5. mixonitup Says:

    I was under the temporary delusion that Brad might actually make a comment, but alas, I’ll have to find my hope elsewhere.

  6. mags Says:

    Sorry to disappoint, I’ve begged and begged and begged him to just write one little blog entry, but noooo. That’s your thing, he always says, I’d hate to mess it up. Whatever.

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