BSG on Letterman

Thanks to Josh for supplying the link to this:

Almost finished with season 2.5 and have season 3 primed. I like it that they’re planning on finishing after 4 seasons. To me, that saves us from a series that lasts too long and overstays its welcome.


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10 Responses to “BSG on Letterman”

  1. mags Says:

    i LOVE it. i don’t know which is my favorite, tie between tigh and baltar…those were funny. brad’s gearing up for his first night shift today, but as soon as he wakes up, i’m going to make sure he sees this.

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Hands down, Tigh is the highlight. And he’s probably right.

  3. Brad Says:

    Yeah, pretty awesome! I agree, Tigh was the best…and I loved that he was wearing an eyepatch.

  4. mixonitup Says:

    Still have 3 or 4 episodes of 2.5 to go before I start season 3, but I’m assuming the eyepatch is true to the show. Can’t wait to see how he earns that one.

  5. mixonitup Says:

    Why is Jamie Bamber (Apollo) not in costume? Any ideas?

  6. Jen Says:

    Awesome! I never knew Jamie Bamber was British.

  7. mixonitup Says:

    He hides his accent well. He played Archie Kennedy in the Horatio Hornblower series (A&E), definately used his native accent there.

  8. reedthis Says:

    BSG! Hornblower! – You are a NERD!!!

  9. mixonitup Says:

    Guilty as charged.

  10. mixonitup Says:

    Watched it again today because of a discussion we had with the Reeds last night. He was introduced as Captian Lee Adama. Interesting.

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