Blog Stats

We here at MixonItUp are celebrating the 6 month anniversary of our blog. Thanks to all who have visited and contributed, you have definitely encouraged us to keep at it.

MixonItUp by the numbers:

Total # of Posts 165 (including this one)

Total Visits to the site 4,221

Best Day 1/30/08 (Parker’s Birthday) 155 visits

Goals for the next indeterminate time frame: get Jen to blog more. Hope you have enjoyed and thanks again!

-Avery and Jennifer


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One Response to “Blog Stats”

  1. mixonitup Says:

    This is about the 5th time I’ve corrected my husband’s spelling on our blogsite. Funny thing – he’s an intelligent chap! But… he can NOT spell definitely correctly. His interpretation: defin-a-tely – doesn’t that look odd?? Anyway, I save the day again…this one’s been corrected. Number 6! I love you, baby!

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