One Month

Can’t believe that Parker’s already a month old (6 weeks for y’all mammas) and he’s chunking up pretty good!  Got on the scale with him today and he’s roughly 12-13 lbs at least!  Grown out of his newborn sleepers (too long) as well.  He’s much more alert now with big blue eyes looking at everything, I think I’ve caught a smile or two that were decidedly NOT gas, so that’s good!  His nights are getting better – the 7 hour night was just a tease – he’s back to about 5 1/2 hrs and then a 3 hr stent before the day gets started around 7:30.  Below are a few pics of the last few days.  I love my two boys together in the pictures, Avery looks so old and grown-up!  Parker’s just got big cheeks and a really pointy Dudley-Do-Right chin!

Here’s the first smile:


My attempt at artsy photography: 


one of my recent favs:


6 weeks old, and kisses from his brother and daddy!


who is who?



One Response to “One Month”

  1. Joy Says:

    i’ve got one of those “too long” baby boys, too! Kind of funny to see them stretched into their sleepers, isn’t it?

    you’ve got beautiful babies — keep the pictures coming!!

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