Bad for Business

Went to get a long-overdue haircut this afternoon at the neighborhood SportClips. I should know by now that I get what I pay for. Met the very friendly Debby and was escorted to her chair. For those who aren’t fortunate enough to have been to a SportClips, here’s the premise: A TV at every chair, all tuned to ESPN. I settled in to watch an episode of PTI. The premise is sound, but the execution is poor. I am going to make the assumption that I can speak for the average guy here, we don’t want or feel the need to carry on a conversation while we’re getting our hair cut, ESPECIALLY when the option of watching sports is on the table. Strike one.

Debby is very nice and a little socially awkward. She asks me if I enjoy any “summer sports.” She mentions golf. I say that I’m interested in baseball, especially the highlights that are currently playing, well they were. More back and forth until she mentions that she wasn’t very good at sports because of poor hand-eye coordination. I pause to consider that her scissors are millimeters from my ear. Strike two. She doesn’t stop there. She mentions that she couldn’t hit a golf ball because she can’t make a straight line. I am paying this woman to do that exact thing, right there. Confidence meter reading low. Strike three.

At least I got to see the highlight of Billy Crystal at bat for the Yankees. I began to question his status as a life-long Yankees fan when he wore a Mets hat all the way through City Slickers (and City Slickers 2).


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One Response to “Bad for Business”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Avery, you keep me and Chad in stitches and should have your own weekly column in the Tampa Tribune. 🙂

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