Was listening to the Dennis Miller radio show the other day and they were having a conversation about the Boy Scouts that is really unrelated to this post. The mom that called in said something that I hadn’t really thought about recently. She said (loosely) that she was raising her boys to let them go. I immediately thought of my 2 boys and how, ultimately, they will move on. My task in life in regards to them is to prepare them for the rest of their life, a life in large part without me. Kinda smarts. “For this reason, they shall leave their father and mother…”

The even more painful second half of this thought is that I am called to do the same with my wife. We’re doing a Song of Solomon study now and the speaker made an interesting point that we’re not married to our spouse in heaven.This is founded in scripture, but I must have overlooked it in the past. Who on Earth has a clue what heaven will really be like, but we know that Christ is and will be sufficient. Jen won’t need me. Again, this smarts. So, I have a difficult task before me. I am to raise 2 boys and love a wife as a steward until the king returns. I hope I don’t pull a Denethor.


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