Morning Commute

Two things jumped out at me this morning on my way downtown.

1. Calvin from the amazing comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was a mischievous child, but never to the point of peeing on something. Why is that so much fun to put a decal of Calvin peeing on whatever you dislike on the back of your pick-up truck? Completely out of character and thus, not-believable.


2. I was behind this guy in a Prius for most of the drive. The Toyota website touts a 45mpg city/48mpg highway rating, quite impressive. I would think that the average consumer who purchases a Prius would be somewhat environmentally aware. Not so much with this one. Sat there and watched as he casually flicked 2 cigarette butts out onto the road. Jen knows that this is a huge pet-peeve of mine. The incongruity of the scene fascinated me. By the way, cigarette butts are listed as the #1 littered item in America. Thanks.


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