Traveler Update

It seems like it’s been a while since we checked in on Traveler. As of this evening:

Just wanted everyone to know that Traveler is now hiking the Great Smoky Mountains.  He finished Georgia and started the Smoky Mountains on Wednesday.  I don’t have his notes yet, but he did say that he did not see anyone at all on Wednesday, but Thursday he ran into some college students on day hikes, and he met 2 couples that are also thru-hiking –one couple just out of college and one in their 40’s.  He enjoyed being with them in the shelter on Thursday night.  Friday was blowing rain, so he decided to go into Gatlinburg for the weekend.  I was so glad because freezing weather with snow and ice was predicted.  He plans to continue the trail on Sunday — if the weather is better .  I hope to meet him in Hot Springs, NC, in about 6 days.  Will keep you all updated.

This was from his wife Elaine. The hiking through the cold weather sounds rather exciting until everything you have is wet. Hope he’s doing ok. Stay tuned…


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