Delivery Account of Parker Charles

Yes, I know this is horribly late, and that Parker is 5 weeks old, but here is my birth account for those of you who want to read it.  It IS a LONG post, but I hope you enjoy it!

My birth story of our second son, Parker Charles Mixon, born at 10:38 am January 30, 2008. Weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long.


I had expected this pregnancy to end a bit sooner than due date because Avery, jr came 4 days early and just figured it’d be quicker and quicker.  Quicker, yes, but not in days…hours!  In my mind, Jan 25 was go-time but nothing had happened then.  I had my 39 week visit and she did an internal exam to check for dilation.  No change since 36 weeks – the last time I was checked – still 1 cm and about 30% effaced.  She did not separate my membranes per my request this time.  They did that for Av, jr and there were just too many variables I couldn’t control and one of those led to his lovely stay for 3 days in the NICU while in the hospital. So, I didn’t want to do that again! 

            So, go home from the visit, and I have a few more frequent contractions.  The next day, Thursday, contractions were consistently 30 minutes apart for the majority of the day.  Avery was on shift at the ER from 4pm until 2am.  I called him around 10pm just to let him know the contractions were about 7 minutes apart. My mom was here at the house with me – she had come in the week before to be with me and my grandparents as well – and we were just sitting on the couch reading books. A contraction would come, I’d feel my belly to see if it really was tight, and I’d mark it down on my paper.  Avery said that if they continued for 3 more times, to call him and he’d come on home for us to go to the hospital.  I said I didn’t think that was necessary because I really wasn’t feeling the contractions and there was no discomfort or pain at all. My water had not broken, and I was able to talk through all the contractions. So…I wasn’t workin’ too hard here!  I went on to bed around 11ish assuming we’d go into the hospital when he came home at 2, but both of us woke up at 8:30 the next morning in our bed. Nothing happened. In fact, the contractions actually stopped that day except for maybe 4 or 5 the entire day.  Same story the next day.  I just quit timing them.

            Here’s the rub: I didn’t want any intervention at all this time around – totally natural and let’s just see if this baby can come on its own without having to do anything, including the all-popular “stripping of the membranes” – I think that sounds barbaric, so I say ‘separating.’ Anyway, I got so impatient and frustrated those few days the contractions stopped because I had it in my mind that this kiddo WAS going to come at least a week early!!  Although I didn’t want anyone to do any type of induction, I was mad the baby wasn’t coming earlier. And last time, I was frustrated that they DID do something, but at least Av came early and I knew it was coming because my water broke.

            After being frustrated, I went to church that Sunday, and realized that if I would let this whole issue go and hand it over to the Lord for Him to handle, I could actually enjoy the last few days of this pregnancy and not be upset!  The next few days were very nice and I just trusted that this baby was going to come in its own perfect time.

            That next Tuesday, January 29th, was pretty normal all day.  I had about 5-6 contractions that day that felt the same as the other ones did.  My mom again was over at the house b/c Av was working the 4-2 shift again and was just going to keep me company.  I went to bed and woke at 4:30am on January 30th (my actual due date!) with a much different contraction than before – I had to really focus on relaxing through it and breathing slowly and deeply. It was a bona fide contraction!  I was, however, able to go back to sleep.  I was awakened by two more contractions of this type before 6:00. At 6:30, I woke Avery up and told him that I thought there was something going on. Poor guy! He had gotten home at 2:30 or so and hadn’t been able to actually go to sleep until well after 3:00 and here I was waking him at 6:30!  He timed the next few contractions and they were 7 minutes apart and I was really having to work through these.  These were the type of contractions I remember “working” on before Av, jr came!  Lots of deep, slow breaths, Avery’s wonderful imagery of vacation spots for me to focus on, and a LOT of work on being totally relaxed to allow the uterus to do its job unimpeded.  We decided that he should go ahead and take a shower before the contractions got much stronger and at 7:30 we were out the door on the way to the hospital.

            Keep in mind that it is 7:30am on a Wednesday morning – RUSH HOUR!  We had to get to South Tampa and we were lucky it was only 30 minutes!  We got stuck in traffic we just couldn’t get around, hazard lights on or not. And we of course took a route we thought would be faster only to be stuck in school traffic as well! It was a long ride for me! I was hyper-aware of every bump and sudden acceleration and just prayed that I wouldn’t progress so quickly that Avery would have to deliver this baby in the car!  We arrived at St. Joseph’s at 8:00 and were brought back to triage where they checked me and said I was 4 cm.  Good. And bad. I was hoping I was a bit further along because the contractions were pretty intense, but I was glad that I wasn’t 9 ½ cm like I was the first time.  My water still had not broken.  On a side note, they should really educate L&D nurses about natural delivery methods a bit more than they do!  I follow the Bradley Method as I said before, and the goal is to be totally relaxed and in control of your body so that you are not working against yourself with the contractions.  One nurse in triage came in to have me sign a few papers, and while she was in there, I had a contraction.  So, I immediately closed my eyes and began on focusing on relaxing every muscle in my body to let this contraction pass as easily as possible (not painlessly, I’ll add!).  She stopped talking, looked at Avery and whispered, “Is she asleep???” Av said, no, that I was just having a contraction…she didn’t get it at all! Kinda funny!

            The nurse told me they had contacted the Dr. on call and that a Dr. Sanchez would be the one to see me that morning. I said, “Dr. Sanchez?? I’ve never heard of her before!” The nurse made sure I was in with the Woman’s Group and I said I was – of course this was a relatively new Dr. to the group and was from the North campus where I was last pregnancy, but not this one!  I went to the South campus this time b/c it was closer and I had already met all the docs in the other one anyway – so I thought!  So, of course, I’ve got the 1 doc I’ve never even met who was coming to deliver my baby.  Yuch.  She came to see me and said that she was going to break my water to allow the delivery to get started a bit faster…until she realized I was trying to deliver naturally!  She then said that, no, she wouldn’t do that to me b/c then the contractions would be so intense I would not be able to be in control…not what I wanted. I was grateful to her!  It was decided to let me labor until 10am at which point she would come back in and check on me. It was 8.  I was admitted and transferred to Labor room #11.  I remember having an IV placed and the fetal and maternal monitors placed (mine were the new wireless kind – awesome!!) and that’s about it.  I worked VERY hard for the next 2 ½ hrs with Avery by my side the entire time. I couldn’t have done it without him there.  I hung on every word of encouragement and listened intently to his coaching – relax your eyes, your fists are tight, your forehead is furrowed…relax, Jen, relax!  Afterward, he said he didn’t know if I wanted him to talk or not because I wasn’t responding to him.  He was afraid I was irritated by his speaking, but I needed it very much.  In fact, he stepped out of the room to grab some ice chips, or a washrag, and I had a contraction while he was gone. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get through it without completely losing focus!  He was so attentive and asked me at one point if there was anything else I needed.  I looked at him and said, “I want a baby!” 

             Another caveat about the nurses and natural deliveries.  They tended to focus a LOT on the fetal and maternal monitors they placed, but for some reason, mine weren’t picking up the contractions as they should have.  I did overhear one conversation between a pair of nurses in the beginning.  One was saying that I wasn’t having very many contractions b/c she couldn’t see them in the monitor. The nurse that admitted me and was in there at the beginning said, “Oh, well the monitor may not be showing them, but she’s having them about every 3 minutes.” The other nurse questioned how she knew that and she said, “Just watch her – you can tell!  She gets really focused about every 3 minutes!” 

            So, Avery was coaching me toward 10:00.  He’d say, “You’re doing great! Only 20 minutes until 10.” Then he’d say, “Awesome, Jen!  Only 10 more minutes!” After that, I began to realize that he wasn’t saying anything anymore…it was past 10 and there were no nurses and no doctor there.  I was really hoping to see them soon so they could check me.  If I was like 7 cm, I was going to have to have them knock me out or give me an epidural, or some kind of drug b/c I was hurting pretty bad during these contractions.  These were the ones the book called “Working Contractions.”  I slowly felt the intensity of them move from my abdomen to way down low… About 10:15 or so I felt this strange dull *pop* and then a trickle of warm water…my water finally broke! Av paged the nurse and told her – a nurse I hadn’t seen before came in, lifted the sheets up to look (in the dark), and said, “I don’t see anything. I don’t think your water broke, but I’ll go get the litmus paper to be sure.” She did not even check my cervix to see how much I had progressed – no one had since I was admitted.  I wanted to scream at her, “I know what I felt, woman, and I KNOW my water broke!! Just go get the doctor!!”  She never came back in.

            Five minutes later, I felt an incredible urge to push. There was nothing I could do about it and the first contraction of this kind, Avery said, “No cavewoman, Jen!  Whoa, whoa, whoa, just relax! Relax!”  He paged the nurse and told her, “She really feels like she needs to push now!”  You could hear me in the background making this real low roaring, grunting noise – kinda like a cavewoman.  He tells me that he’s paged the nurses and they should be in soon.  I grabbed his arm, and before another contraction came, said, “You go GET them in here!”  He didn’t argue, stood up, and walked out of the room to find them.  He came right back, saying that the nurse was coming down the hallway now and Dr. Sanchez was with her.  Where had this woman been!??!  I had about 3 good transitional contractions and was only able to breathe through one of them without pushing involuntarily.  I know I said it last time, but the sensation to push is like having to vomit. There’s nothing stopping it when it starts, no matter how much someone says, “no, no, don’t push! Just breathe!”  Whatever!!  The doctor came in and I just sat frog-legged so she could check me. She didn’t have to look very hard – she could see the baby’s head! I was crowning! 

            While she was prepping to deliver, the nurse told the doctor, “We had a 10:00 date? Why’d ya stand me up?”  To which the doctor responded, “Oh! I lost track of time! I was just surfing the internet. I always do that when I’m on the computer – lose track of the time.”  WHAT!?!? I can NOT believe she actually said that…in front of me!  She could have whispered it, or even lied, I don’t care. But you don’t say you were surfing the internet in front of a woman who is working VERY hard to have a baby and is aware of EVERY sensation about her!  Unbelievable! 

            She was in the room about 5 minutes before the baby came.  I gave 3 good pushes and out popped Parker Charles!  I was hoping for a little more from the nurses and doctor in the way of prep…coaching me when he was crowning so I could relax and try to allow his head to slip out without pushing so hard.  I still had a pretty good tear, and that was what I was trying to avoid.  Nurses know about massaging the perineum prior to delivery, and if they were in there a bit earlier, they would have known how fast I was going and could have coached a bit more.  But, in the end, there were no complications and Parker was perfect, so I have few major complaints!  The worst part, honestly, about delivering naturally, is after the baby is born when they have to stitch you up.  You feel everything – lidocaine especially!  Man, that hurts.  The stitching you only feel pressure, hopefully, but the numbing-up is the worst part.  There were a few times where I was not numb in some areas and I almost jumped off the table.  I had a 2nd degree tear along with a periurethral tear.  That part was new and I was petrified to pee!  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Warm water is a great thing!  So are percocet! 

            Well, that’s the gist of it.  Parker was great – Apgars of 8 and 9 with no problems.  I was able to hold him almost immediately after he was born.  Avery cut the umbilical cord, they wiped off the gross stuff, and handed him to me to before he made it to the warmer! It was precious!  They did all their checking of his vitals and then within 30 minutes of delivery I was able to nurse him – which he took to like a pro.  Those are the sweetest times – in the delivery room, running high on adrenaline, a brand new life you and the one you love created lying peacefully in your arms as you feed him.  Incredible. God is just incredible!  The best feeling is realizing that it is all over – no more contractions – just a beautiful baby boy!  Praise God for such a smooth and safe delivery of this new one into the world. We pray we are able to raise him as a man of God and that he may never know a day without the Lord.  Welcome to the world and to the family, Parker Charles Mixon!  Love, your Mama!!



2 Responses to “Delivery Account of Parker Charles”

  1. mags Says:

    I love it, Parker will so appreciate this when he gets older!! Now you have to write Avery’s. Unless you already have and I just don’t remember. What a great story! I’m so proud of you. Hope things are going well. I need to get his little gift in the mail…

    But SURFING THE INTERNET WHILE YOU’RE CROWNING???? I’d be PO’d and not the nice kind where you call it ‘PO’d’…I’d be the real kind, where you use the real words. Ugh!!!! At least you had Avery by your side!! What a knight in shining armor. The great thing is, too, that he’s trained in all this so he stays calms and can interpret stuff for you. Except that you already know all that stuff, Brad always has to interpret stuff for me. Anyway, I’m so happy for y’all…brothers! Parker says hi, too. He’s sitting here, cuddled up in his boppy, talking to me. Yes, it’s 6:30 on a Saturday and we are wiiiide awake. It’s okay, we’re about to go to Sam’s. Y’all are precious people and we love you, all four.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Love it! you should’ve made Dr. Sanchez pay for your stitches! Surfing the net! Man, no bedside manner. Do they think that you can’t hear when in labor! All in all , 2 natural births- you’re my hero. You’re right, Parker is a bit more chunky than big bro’! Lovin the blogs!

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