Strawberry Festival


We went to our 3rd annual Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL Thursday night for my Valentine’s Day present.  Avery got us tickets to see Josh Turner (see previous post) and we had a great time.  We had never made it to a concert the past 2 years, so this was a treat. AND we had a babysitter for BOTH of the boys – another treat!  Off we go 45 minutes down I-4 just the two of us.  It was not a typical Florida night, and I did not realize the concert was outside – it was 46 degrees outside – and not a dry 46, a humid 46 so it seemed much colder.  I was chilly.  Below are a few thoughts about the evening:

1.  Josh Turner sings some very good songs, some with  distinctly Christian subject matter – a great thing for a popular country music up-and-coming star, he’s got an impressionable, captive audience!

2. He has as great a low voice live as he does on the radio!

3. ALL the bumpkins were out in full force last night, don’t know where they all came from, but one song Josh Turner sang may shed some light. Title? Trailer-hood (instead of neighborhood!).

4.  Av got dose #1 of his fresh strawberry shortcake at our favorite booth.  You make your own shortcake – put as many strawberries and juice on it as you want along with  serve-yourself  fresh whipped cream from a VAT of whipped cream – biggest serving bowl I’ve ever seen!  He branched out and actually tried the strawberry portion of the dessert. He is not a big fan of the seeds in the strawberries, but he took a step of faith and was not wholly disappointed – great job, Av!!

5. Jen got her first funnel cake in I don’t know how long and it was goooooooo-oooooood!  Crispy on the outside, soft inside, piping hot, and covered in powdered sugar!

6.  The past 2 years there has been a booth of these Central American natives who showcase their musical talents.  Upon passing the tent and listening to it the other night, I decided the only genre to describe it was “Peruvian Praise Fusion.”  There was a man playing the pan pipes (Peruvian style, not Zamphir style), and a few other musicians playing drums, guitar, windchimes, etc.  The song, after careful listening, was actually the Christian song, “Shout to the Lord.”  Check them out – you’ll hear them if you’re there!

All in all it was a great date and another feather in our hats for typical Floridian things to do before we leave here.  Until my next post – as my son would say, EAT STRAWBABIES!!!strawbabies.jpg


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