I’ve been blogging for about 5 months now and have really enjoyed it for the most part. I have a few friends who have been blogging for years and have included them among the links on the right side of our page. I have been impressed with not only the formatting of their presentation, but also the technology that they incorporate into their pages. For instance, I’m pretty much stuck uploading photos and imbedding youtube clips. I want to be able to write text next to my photos, but haven’t figured it out despite a brief phone tutorial. A number of others have uploaded their own videos, or made slideshows (I apologize if my first attempt at a slideshow on the blog is annoying).

A good friend of mine Mark McKnight has a blog and if you’re interested, follow the link to Kodachrome Nights under the blogroll. He is an excellent writer and has a lot of various ideas and influences, quite an artistic eye/ear. He had taken a hiatus of sorts from blogging, but is now back. He has surprised me this time with a podcast. I wouldn’t know where to begin to make my own podcast. As he describes, it’s mostly electronic music with some commentary. Give it a listen, it’s very mellow, yet somehow invigorating. Thanks to Mark for getting back in the saddle. I pirated the picture from his blog, hope I didn’t break some copyright law. The stiff in the suit is Floyd Landis of bicycling fame.



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  1. junbert Says:

    Thanks for the post!


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