This Pilgrim’s Progress


I am currently reading through The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, written in 1678 (Interestingly, it has never been out of print since then). It is definitely a much slower, meatier book than some of my previous choices, and definitely harder than Goodnight Moon. I have been progressing through it myself, but have been lately thinking of a friend who is making somewhat of a different pilgrimage. I met Jack Dickens last August in St. Thomas at a family wedding and had the priviledge of hiking 40 or so miles of the Appalachian Trail with him in September. He started thru-hiking the trail about 10 days into February and his wife sends out e-mails every-so-often updating us on his progress. An excellent vicarious escape for me. As of my last e-mail, he is about to enter the Smokies. The theme of a journey is very prominent right now as Jen and I are walking through the Essential 100. This is a 100-day read through the Bible that we are doing as a church. We started a few days late, but will double-time it to catch up. Should be a good disciplined reminder to stay in the word.


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