A border guard solution

Was watching a program on PBS the other afternoon about the lions in Africa, especially those that had been notorious for killing man. There was a story about the British exposition that built a bridge over the Tsavo river and lost nearly 140 men to 2 lions. This was dramatized in the 1996 movie The Ghost and the Darkness. Never saw it.

But to the real reason for the post, another story was told in the program. The nations of Mozambique and South Africa share a border and much of that is separated by a fence, parts of which are highly electrified. The parts that aren’t are frequently crossed by those seeking a better life, not an unknown story. Unfortunately for those refugees, this part of South Africa into which they’re crossing is Kruger National Park, an area ripe with wildlife, notably lions.  They can only estimate the scores of people who have lost their life to lions or other wild creatures. For those who are serious about protecting our borders, maybe we should open a wildlife refuge along the Mexican border, seems to work in South Africa.


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One Response to “A border guard solution”

  1. Jen Says:

    The Ghost in the Darkness is a great movie. You should see it!

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