Stressed spelled backwards = Desserts

We finally had a date! The Hulls were gracious to watch Avery for us and Parker agreed to be seen and not heard. We went out to Bailey’s restaurant for dessert. For those of you who haven’t been (and live in the Tampa metro area), it’s truly is a gem. Our choices:

Avery: Buttermilk Battered “Fried Twinkies” with homemade raspberry swirl ice cream- I had always wanted to try a fried twinkie just for the novelty, it was excellent and the ice cream was amazing. I don’t want to give the impression that this place only serves ‘gimmick’ foods, it was really gourmet.

Jennifer: Warm fresh blueberry cobbler with homemade Madagascar vanilla ice cream- This was truly incredible, better than mine.

We went on a stroll around Hyde Park afterwards, a lovely evening. I noticed that Pottery Barn Kids has Superman, Batman, and Spiderman sheets. Is it wrong of me to impose my nerdness on my boys?


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