Reaping the benefits

I joined the My Coke Rewards program back in May, really not sure why, but did nonetheless. I racked up a ton of points from my co-workers who drink Diet Coke continuously. I admit that I also drank a lot of Coca-Cola, but have given that up for lent. So, about the points. I had thought early on about saving up to get something big, but realized that you needed approx 10,000 points for that. In simple terms that would be over 3,000 20-ounce drinks or 1,000 12-packs, a completely un-realistic goal. Next I considered the drawings that you “bid” on with your points, again, not worth squandering your points over. I eventually, and thankfully settled on something highly practical, 4 movie tickets.

In other news, I have a wicked cold stationed in my forehead. Avery and Parker each had a check-up at the doctor’s office today, Avery lost it. I hope he’ll grow out of that soon. Avery has this (probably age-appropriate) desire to take things with him when he goes outside. This is typically a ball of some sort. He racked-up for his birthday and received a few battery-powered items (he has very few of these). We were heading out today and Avery looked around and filled his arms with his new guitar and vaccuum cleaner. It probably doesn’t sound all that funny written out, but we had to take a picture.


Can’t imagine he would have moved very fast like this. We settled on the guitar only and he was content.


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