Slowly catching up

Whoa, it’s been a busy few days. Friday and Saturday brought in a good part of Jennifer’s extended family and my mother. Sunday afternoon was Avery’s 2nd birthday, and Monday was Jennifer’s Grandmother’s funeral. I’ll start at the beginning. I’m fairly sure I alluded to the zoo theme of Avery’s party earlier, but much of the non-family time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was spent on finalizing the details of the party. Special thank-yous go out to the following:

My mother for helping with the food prep and buying the drinks

Jen’s Mom also for the food prep and assisting with the party budget

Josh and Jen for helping me set up for the party (especially for having tape in their car, I know there’s a lesson to be learned here)

So as to keep some appearance of an organized post, I’ll include photos of the cakes here before I move onto the party proper. The first cake shown had a small “dimple” in the top that became a lake with special use of frosting.


 This second cake had a prairie/grassland feel to it. By the way, both cakes were homemade white cakes with buttercream frosting, also homemade.


 This was Avery’s personal cake, isn’t Jen creative?


So we probably topped out at approx 50 people, and, knowing it was going to be a big party, Jen made two cakes (above). This was double what she made last year. PLEASE come by our house and eat cake, we have the entire grassland cake left over. We moved on to the opening of gifts (over the top). It was priceless to see Avery’s reaction to the gifts. We’d place a present down in front of him, help him open it and watch his reaction. Usually he would say “Whoa!” regardless of the gift. Immediately following the clearing of the gift from the table, he would say “more presents?”


This cycle continued until all were opened. All in all a successful birthday. Again, thanks to all who attended for making it a great day. We’ll post more weekend happenings soon.


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