Stop what you’re doing

As most of you know, my wife Jennifer just gave birth to a strapping young lad. There are those of us who have not, or by means of physiology, can not breast feed. I had forgotten how ravenous her appetite gets during this time. The other night, she looked me dead in the eye at 11:00pm and said “I could eat another meal.” That’s the back story.

Tonight I was making a run to Publix for some milk. As is the custom, I asked if there was anything else I could buy. Without a moments hesitation, she said Ice Cream, then after a minute or two, yummy cakes (meaning Little Debbie Be My Valentine cakes). I was given specific directions: one tub of vanilla, and if there’s a sale, something special. Of course there was a 2/$6 sale. The vanilla was easy to spot. I debated for 2-3 minutes on the other. Strawberry or (my personal all-time favorite) Cookies-n-Cream. I had already dialed the home number for a second opinion when I saw a new flavor. Without hesitation, I placed what could be one of the best ice cream flavors ever in my basket. The name alone doesn’t do it justice: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie. Check out the description: Honey-vanilla bean ice cream with swirls of cinnamon creme, chocolate chips, and oatmeal cookie pieces. You might think that it’s a lot of stuff to put in one flavor, but it’s well-blended and tastes incredibly good.

Seriously, if you live near a Publix, go out and buy this stuff NOW. You’ll thank me later. If you live close to us and want a taste before making the purchase, you’d better hurry.


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One Response to “Stop what you’re doing”

  1. reedthis Says:

    I’m on my way – its not cake!

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