Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Jen’s napping on the couch, Li’l Avery’s  sacked out in his bed, Parker is kicked back in the bouncy seat, I’m Blogging. Would be napping, but made coffee with lunch. It was Kona blend (not entirely the real deal, but pretty good). As an aside, we got our first full-size coffee pot shortly after Christmas and I’m much better at it now, couldn’t have been much worse. First picture is Avery sporting his big brother shirt. It’s hard to get candid photos of him for two reasons:

1. As mentioned a few posts ago, when you hold down the button on the camera to take a picture, it actually takes it next Thursday. So element of surprise is kaput.

2. Whenever he sees a camera or videocamera, he does his million-dollar cheese smile. He will hold that face, saying cheese for easily 15-20 seconds.

Sporting the t-shirt

Last night, we were watching X-Men. So what? Parker was napping on mommy and had to get a shot.

Special times

Tonight is the Super Bowl. Gotta say I’m pulling for the Giants and Eli. Not delusional enough to think that they’ll beat the Pats, but I hope it’s actually a good game. I have some thoughts from worship this morning, but will get those down later, just wanted to post some pics.


One Response to “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Christina Says:

    What a precious picture of Parker “hangin’ tough!” I can’t wait until I can get down there and visit with you all and especially my new nephew! Keep up the picks, they make me feel less lonely with almost all my family down in T-town.

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