Avery makes his presence known

Jennifer’s mom has graciously come down to help with Avery. The two came to visit after his nap. The cheese-wagon rolls on…


He can identify main body structures such as a nose, seen below. Our digital camera doesn’t have a very fast response time, so you’ll have to trust that he actually touched the nose, any doubters can watch the video (I can’t even begin to figure out how to post that yet).


Again with the slow trigger, he willingly kissed his little brother. (below)


Just plain precious, I like how gently he’s holding his brother.


 It’s rather quiet in here with Avery gone and Parker sleeping like a baby (did I really just type that?). More tomorrow.


One Response to “Avery makes his presence known”

  1. J.P. Walker Says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the pictures of Lil’ Avery with Parker. Christina called me this morning to share the good news. I offer my congratulations to your entire family and can’t wait until I have the chance to see him.

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