Nu Toons

**Let me start by saying I have little to no idea how to properly use wordpress when it comes to creatively placing pictures on my site. I SERIOUSLY need a tutorial before I punch my computer in the webcam.**

I received an $25 iTunes gift card from my sister this year for Christmas. I found the task of selecting music daunting at first, but once I got the ball rolling, it turned out to be fairly easy. The songs purchased are as follows:

 Ingrid MichaelsonIngrid Michaelson: Breakable; The Way I AmIngrid MichaelsonIngrid Michaelson 

Fresh, funny, realIngrid MichaelsonIngrid Michaelson. I previously posted the video to The Way I Am. We all want and need to know that we’re loved that way.

Ingrid Michaelson

Eastmountainsouth: Hard Times

Great harmonies, hope they make more albums. Jen and Jen Reed sang So Are You To Me for the offertory a couple of weeks ago. Standard for me, I was at work. Nevertheless, a haunting quality to their work. (credit to Jen: frequently the guy and girl are singing in the same octave, which isn’t common for a boy/girl duet, who knew?)


Chris Rice: The Living Room Sessions Album

Peaceful, classic hymns on piano with a distinctly Chris Rice flavor. For those who have heard his Christmas CD, you will appreciate how easy and flowing his piano compositions are. 

Chris Rice

Red Mountain: Satisfied; Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart

Similar to Indelible Grace, but I like their musicianship more. They excel at pulling old hymns from obscurity. Both songs are amazingly well-written and performed.

Depths of Mercy- Red Mountain Church

Dave Hunt: Before the Throne of God Above

Finally, a version of this song that is simple and lets the words take precedence. This guy is a new name to me and I’ll look into more of his work.

 Dave Hunt

Matthew Smith: Come Ye Sinners; Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners; Jesus, I am Resting, Resting

Similar to Dave Hunt above, well-done hymns that don’t try to overpower you with guitar or drums, the lyrics are enough. He has arranged a handful of old hymns, including Come Ye Sinners. I have trouble arranging my socks.

Matthew Smith

 I still have $5.11 left on my card and remain open to suggestions. Please feel no obligation to suggest songs that fit in any of the above genres.


3 Responses to “Nu Toons”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    Good selections. I followed a link from your site to Andy Segrest’s blog. Listen. DO NOT post a picture of your new kids from within an hour after birth. I was part of a pig-killing last year and newborn babies look just like the fresh sausage the ladies were stuffing into the recently slaughtered pig’s intestines. Kind of grey and stuffed…or poured, perhaps. I know it’s reality, but so are bowel movements, and no one is posting those on a blog. The other image that came to mind, of course, was that amazing birth scene in Raising Arizona when Gale Snoats (John Goodman) and Evelle are escaping from prison and Gale emerges from this muddy hole, screaming, then reaches in and pulls out Evelle, also screaming, from the muddy orifice by his feet.

  2. mags Says:

    Oooo, I’m a HUGE Chris Rice fan. He has the best lyrics e-v-e-r. I have both the Matthew Smith and Indeliable Grace albums on my Windows player right now. I just loaded them yesterday, so the jury is still out.

    If you haven’t heard of the band Need to Breathe, I’d love to introduce them to you. I’m totally stuck on their album The Heat right now. Every song on this album is a winner. Restless, Streets of Gold, Signature of the Divine, Washed by the Water, The Heat, Moving On. They are a great band.

  3. mixonitup Says:

    To quote “I was part of a pig-killing last year and newborn babies look just like the fresh sausage the ladies were stuffing into the recently slaughtered pig’s intestines.” wow, how do you top that?
    I have been in over 100 deliveries and it always astounds me what people will take photos/videos of. (I know I ended in a preposition, but really don’t care) Have no fear, no photos until a bath has occurred (for the baby, no guarantees on mom or dad)

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