39 weeks and 3 days

So, yup – here I am blogging. Baby ain’t here yet.  We got all excited about it a few days ago and were all fooled.  I kept myself at the house for an entire day (if you know me, that’s almost torture!) and each night we’d just sit on the couch, my mom and me, and read our books.  Av’s been working the Peds ER shift from 4p-2a the last 2 nights and we’ve thought we’d be ready to go when he would come home, but there I was just sleeping in the bed!  So…new strategy:  Forget about the contractions for a few days unless they’re really bugging me and go on with life as usual.  We went on a walk this morning just to get out and took a few shots.   

Gasparilla is today – hope it was fun for those who participated.  Av said if the baby comes today and it’s a boy, we could name it some variation of Jose Gaspar – the namesake of the “pirate mardi gras” as we call it.  I don’t think so.

 Enjoy the pics and we’ll keep you posted – literally! 🙂

just before naptimeRolling in the grass!Throwing nuts at the ducksAvery and his little boy39 weeks 3 days and waiting…Yep – it’s pretty wierd looking. I don’t do many “belly shots” but thought it was good documentation for the end of the 9 months! Hope no one is grossed out! 🙂


One Response to “39 weeks and 3 days”

  1. Joy Says:

    love it, jenn!!- you still look beautiful and we are waiting anxiously for any news!

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