The waiting game…

So, I’m sitting here amid random contractions just waiting for the baby to come.  Av has left for his 4p-2a shift already and it’s just me and a sleeping toddler.  This is probably the worst part of having a baby for me – not knowing what is going on and when anything will happen.  When regular contractions start I’ll be more at ease…I know what to do with those.  But since yesterday afternoon, I’ve had a contraction about every 30 minutes and not much else.  We thought last night was going to be the night, so I soaked in a bath (yay) and we tried to catch some shut-eye.  The contractions pretty much stopped or didn’t wake me up until I rolled out of bed at 8:30 this morning. 

Not to say I didn’t get up – that’d actually be a miracle.  We were both restless in our sleeping last night because we were hyper-aware of everything.  I kept rolling over to look at the clock hoping I’d made it through the night and it would be like 2:15, or 3:30, or 5:15.  Not a restful sleep at all.  At least someone was happy – at 3:30 in the MORNING!!! We heard noises coming from the nursery when we were both up then and went to listen to see what was going on.  No CHANCE we were going in the room – Av, jr was laughing, talking to himself, walking around the crib, content as he could be, so we just left him happy and went back to bed!

Thoughts are all over the place right now for me.  My grandmother is not doing well at all, my mom is in town (another yay!), but I’m just afraid the day our baby is born is going to be the day my grandmommie dies, too…not good.  Selfish, I know, but I wonder what God’s perfect timing is for us in this situation?  I know to rest on him and not worry – it’s just doing that that is hard.  So for now, I’ve got my monstrous Ole Miss drinking mug of water, my notepad of contraction times and lengths, and a new book to read – The Other Boleyn Girl – while I wait.  So who knows?  Maybe our next post will have pics of a brand new baby! or there will be pics of a totally impatient mommy and daddy!  Have a great Thursday!zerberts.jpg

 Here’s Av giving the baby a zerbert!


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3 Responses to “The waiting game…”

  1. mixonitup Says:

    Way to go babe, you even got a link up without any tutoring. I’ll remind you how to put pics up again soon.

  2. Natalie Says:

    Good luck!! Can’t wait to see pics of the new baby!

  3. Jen Says:

    Patience……..One of the hardest things for all of us. Call us if you need anything. I’ve got a cold, so I’ll stay far enough away as to not infect you guys. 🙂

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