I wanted to go see Cloverfield today. I’m not scheduled to be at work until 4 pm, so realistically, the only show I could make was the 12:20 show. Got to the mall and there were literally 175-200 people in line (this was at 12:05). I decided to wait in the ATMesque machine line which was approx 8 people long. Imagine my frustration when the machine would only sell tickets for a shows starting after 2:30. By now it was 12:15 and the line had not moved thanks to the brilliant planning of the theater operators (only one window open-genius). It’s a nationwide kids-don’t-have-school day, do you not know this? Arrrgghh. I guess I’ll have to go later. Please, if you’ve seen it, don’t say a word.

In other news, I changed the battery in my SunPass today.


One Response to “Frustration”

  1. reedthis Says:

    So… Good News & Bad News:
    Good News: they fired the guy that designed Tampa’s traffic pattern.
    Bad News: that same guy now works at the Regal Cinema at the mall.
    …you just can’t win.

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