Follow-up to Not Funny (pretty funny)

I read this guy’s ER adventure today and was amused. In light of my previous post about the crap that comes to the ER, I hope you enjoy! My favorite part is that he only went to the ER once, whoever you are, thank you. I also resonate with the no-vomiting streak, mine (16 years) also was broken a few months ago- stomach bug.


2 Responses to “Follow-up to Not Funny (pretty funny)”

  1. eplacencia Says:

    Good luck with your new no-vomiting streak! With any luck it’ll be at least 2020 before either of us have to start over again:)

  2. mixonitup Says:

    I can only hope. Interesting that the above comment was made, I’ll have to let him know that Jen and I thought about his story right as I was waiting in the ER prior to my appendectomy.

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