Everyone’s got it!

Man! Everyone’s got the winter bug down here it seems.  Little Av’s been running his first bona fide fever for the last 2 days and sounds gross.  I’ve got pieces of it.  Thankfully, Tylenol is his turn-around medicine and while it’s working, he’s playing hard still!  Our Bible Study last night was sadly lacking in numbers..partly due to last minute planning….but over half our group was down and out with something.  I just looked on yahoo.com’s front page, and they’ve got this article.  Sounds strange, but it’s really not that “alternative.”  Nasal saline washes have been a recommendation for like – ever.  I even had one for a time in grad school, but couldn’t get the guts up to do it.  It’s supposed to work really well. Any users??

Well, until we’re all feeling a bit more on top of ourselves, stock up on the OJ, Vitamin C, water, and rest…and a hot soak in the tub, yum!

I’ve been definitely nesting for this baby the last week. I’m at 37 weeks tomorrow and pretty ready to meet our new little one!  The house is still cluttered, but my lists are continuing to keep my mind occupied.  I’m such a rebel – I won’t return my Bradley Method book to the library just yet so I can get some last minute refreshers on the labor/delivery methods…it’s been overdue since the 23rd of December and someone is waiting on it.  Well…if it’s that much in demand GET ANOTHER COPY!  Geez. Anyway, as my sweet older sister said to me with the first pregnancy, “This is a train that isn’t stopping, so just hold on and get ready!”  Great advice…it’ll come whether I have my nails and toes done or not!!

Av – Aren’t you proud?  Two posts in two days?? 🙂  Have fun at work tonight.


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