We rent and our townhouse community uses a garbage collection service that empties 2 dumpsters 2-3 times a week. There are, somehow, regulations as to what garbage you actually can place in the dumpster. This confuses me. I try to abide by the rules and thus I took my old grill and dried-up Christmas tree to the local dump for proper disposal. The types of trash (organic vs. non) were appropriately separated. I first drove toward the yard trash area and promptly had my vehicle weighed. I was then accosted by an employee who demanded my property tax form and driver’s license. I replied: “what?” She comped me in. After being re-weighed on the way out, I proceeded to the household trash zone. There I was asked for the same identification as above. I kindly told the lady that I don’t have property tax forms as I rent. “You can’t dump here.” No advice as to where I actually could. How have we gotten to the point that the garbage dump won’t take my trash?

Also, I said in a previous post that I was interested in recycling. I went through the proper channels (aka I talked to the homeowner’s association president). She simply stated that we would have to pay the city of Tampa for them to come pick up our recyclables. Seeing as how they get the profits from the sales of the stuff, where do they justify charging me to recycle? It’s been a very confusing afternoon.


One Response to “Confusion”

  1. Jen Says:

    Can I just say, what is wrong with people? I completely feel your pain.

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