December 23rd

Couldn’t think of a catchy title for this post, and I didn’t feel like wasting a lot of time trying. So, two thoughts for today.
1. My wife has a gift of linguistics. She is able to learn languages very quickly and imitates accents well. This makes her a wonderful reader. My son is still too young to appreciate this, but he will. Tonight, I had her read Cajun Night Before Christmas. It is a book that my great aunt Martha gave me over 15 years ago. A side note on Aunt Martha (which is the perfect name for an aunt). She was a tour guide in New Orleans for years and really understood and appreciated the cajun community, a wonderful lady. The book is absolutely hilarious, so get Jen to read it for you soon.
2. During breakfast, prior to church today, we were listening to some church’s music program. The majority of the songs were “Christmas themed.” One non-traditionally Christmas song jumped out at me (it happens often). This has long been a favorite of mine and just felt like sharing. It’s Blessed Assurance. Written in 1873 by Fanny Crosby, who happened to be blind, not that has anything to do with this. The poetry of the song is probably what is most touching to me:
Echoes of Mercy, Whispers of love…

Perfect submission, all is at rest!
I in my savior am happy and blest,
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

This is my story, this is my song. good stuff. I bet we could all stand to dive in and explore what it means to be “lost in His love.”
I hope to get on here once more before Christmas, but might not get around to it. Merry Christmas to all 3 of you who might read this in the next week or so!


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