A Bloody Mess

I said that I’d post about the weekend. I’m currently at the American Society of Hematology annual conference in downtown Atlanta. There are thousands of people here (actual figures are currently unavailable) from all over the world. It’s basically a lot of scientific presentations, most informative, some not so much. I have learned the following:

1. In this company, it’s probably OK to be the dumbest person in the room. Just don’t ask any questions to prove it.

2. I have a lot of hematology to learn.

3. I don’t have to learn it today.

4. The conference center we’re in is huge. A “fun fact” I pulled from the website mentions just one of the 3 buildings: The Congress Center’s Building B exhibit halls are more than twice as long as Atlanta’s highest skyscraper is high. From one end of these halls to the other, the earth curves 3/4 inch.

Fact #4 is true, it takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 minutes to get anywhere in this place. I realize that this is a very factual, informative post, but it’s too early in the day. FYI the Ole Miss Rebel basketball team is 7-0!


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