Composing Music

When I was a Boy Scout, I earned my music appreciation merit badge. As a requirement, I had to compose a piece of music and then perform it. Needless to say, it stunk. I now have an appreciation of how hard it is to create a completely new piece of music. I was listening to classical music on the way to clinic (the efficient one) this afternoon when Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake Suite, Scottish National Orchestra, Neeme Jarvi, , Chandos, 8556 came on the radio. The first part of this piece sounded as if it would fit in either episode 2 or 3 of Star Wars. Eerie. I wouldn’t accuse John Williams of plagiarism, but it was amazing how well it approximated the emotions. I’ll have to watch the movies again, just to confirm (as if I needed an excuse).


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