Try this on for size

I live two different lives. Usually I work at a clinic that is a marvel of efficiency. However, my schedule today brought me to the polar opposite. Let me give you a taste. An old-enough female called because she thought she was pregnant. What did our clinic tell her to do? How about go to the uber-retailer of her choice and buy the clear blue easy. Nope, make an appointment so that we can run a pregnancy test on her. But wait, there’s more. Apparently some months ago, someone in the aforementioned shrine to futility got REAL lazy. The amount of paperwork to keep up accreditation just to be able to do lab work is substantial. The amount of paperwork required to become re-accredited after you let it lapse is ridiculous. All that to say, we are a pediatric clinic that, for the time being, cannot do labs. Not a strep throat swab, no urinalysis, definitely no pregnancy test. So to summarize: We asked a girl to come to the clinic to get a test that we cannot even run when she could have purchased one on her own for $12. Are we encouraging stupidity? I think so.



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