Stop the madness

So I took the family to the Tampa “Christmas Parade” on Saturday. I was expecting to see marching bands, a handful of floats, and assorted fire trucks and law enforcement vehicles, maybe even some shriners. This was all based on my previous history with 27 or so past Christmas parades. We arrived approximately 20 minutes late, which was unfortunately too late to see any marching band. What I did see was quite unusual. It seems that the 80-degree temps have confused the parade participants to the point that they were under the delusion that it was a Mardi Gras parade. The floats were swarming with pirates, all tossing beads. Then the HARTline bus comes through, followed by the Hillsborough County School Bus, what??

The ending (traditionally Santa Claus), was a man in the cheapest-looking Santa costume I’ve EVER seen. This place has the Twilight Zone whupped.



One Response to “Stop the madness”

  1. Dad Says:

    Avery – The Oxford, MS Christmas Parade last night was great! At least 50 participants (floats) one hour and forty-five minutes long. 34 degrees – brrr! Your sister Amanda designed a lot of the Crossroads Animal Hospital float – a reproduction of the Double-Decker bus loaded with animals. Sorry the Tampa parade was so weak! -Dad

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