the pregnant spectrum

Ok – so, I was with our son at the park yesterday and I spotted another pregnant lady there with her 3 kids.  Normally, you just strike up a conversation with the other, generally of consisting of “when are you due?  Oh, great! I’m due in blah blah blah..”  Formality.  Anyhoo, I decided that this was probably not one I wanted to even begin to engage a conversation in from the get go. One word: agenda.  A few strikes against her: 

1) son had a horribly nasty runny nose that was just waiting to jump on every other kid in the park

2) Clearly proud of the huge belly showing (no, it was more than just “peeking”) below her shirt…complete with long purple stretch marks…plus she was due in like 5 hours from what it looked like!

3)her shirt…this is what it said “Epidural?  Shmepidural!!!”

Nope – not touching this earth mama with a 10 foot pole. I’m all for trying to deliver naturally, but I’m not going to flaunt it and make people feel inferior due to their delivery decisions.

Just thought it was curious and a bit humorous.



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