Any takers?

I’m a HUGE dork, this is public knowledge. I was scanning the news today and came across this story. For those who don’t care to read it, there’s a large comet in our solar system that now has a larger diameter than the sun (lots of dust and gas, not Deep Impact huge). It’s supposably (Enter Joey: “Supposably? Did they go to the Zoo? Supposably.”) visible to the naked eye in the Northeast horizon. If anyone has a telescope, let me know and we can be dorks together. I’ll bring the Hot Chocolate.


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4 Responses to “Any takers?”

  1. reedthis Says:

    I’m in – but I have no telescope. If anyone gets this going, tell them I’ll bring the marshmellows for the hot chocolate. Also, we should plan a camp / watch the shuttle launch trip sometime before you head to Nash-vegas.

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Going to a shullte launch is the number one on the list right now. December 6th is the next launch, but I’ll be stuck at work that day. Will keep an eye on the future launch dates. I’m sure I can find a telescope on Craig’s list, maybe I can trade that woodstock tower for it.

  3. mags Says:

    So, one night, there was supposed to be this big meteor shower in Jackson. The best place to see it was at the Reservoir. This was, I think, even before we were engaged. I made Brad get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to drive to the Reservoir and see it. It ended up being too cloudy to see a thing! I was crushed. I doubt crushed was exactly Brad’s feeling. He had class the next day, and I had taken the day off work.

    Y’all have fun watching the sky!!

  4. caroline Says:

    Avery you should ask for a telescope for christmas and you can give me that woodstock tower for christmas/birthday. It’s kinda like trading but without me actually having to do anything. If you make family references you should know I get bored and read them. I guess I just wanted you to know “I’ll be watching you”… and I like that woodstock tower. Not to take everything that was ever given to you or anything, but maybe.

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