Going Green!

A lot has been said recently in the news about “going green” and NBC has been promoting this phrase (if nothing else) for the last week or so. We here at MixonItUp feel the need to chime in. I love the concept of being more environmentally aware and hope that this concept will actually change the way I look at purchases to some degree. In the past I had alligned myself with the Republican party mainly for their stance on some important issues, but I’m tired of politics right now. The choices before me from either party are less than desirable. Let’s not make this political.

Back to the environmentalism. My main beef is with how we use our natural resources, the end product of which is usually electricity. Do we really need to be visible from space at night-time? What is the use of having a gas station that is brighter at night than at day? I understand the whole safety concern, but I think the lighting designer has gone a little over the top. Major office buildings (and Hospitals, for that matter) also leave lights and televisions on all hours of the night. Let’s try and turn off a light here or there. Why doesn’t the city of Tampa have a realistic city-wide recycling program? I’d probably be the last person to use the public transportation here, but carpools would definately cut down on emissions and the sheer number of cars on the road (the nightmare that is Tampa traffic should be a post all on its own). I know that there’s not a whole heck of a lot that I, or even you can do. I’m just trying to figure out how I can live a little more responsibly. I think my first step will be to avoid Wal-Mart. Their new slogan Save Money, Live Better™ makes me a little queasy.


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One Response to “Going Green!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hi guys!
    Let’s find out where we can recycle and start a neighborhood club. I’d add another bin for paper/plastics or whatever, if it meant helping the environment -OR, maybe we should just go out to the street we live off of and pick up garbage since people seem to think that’s where the drop off is.
    Interesting thoughts!
    I have been so slightly nudged in the direction that God did tell us to care for the earth, another creation besides ourselves, and we are’nt doing the greatest of jobs with it.

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