Worship styles

This morning we sang Love Constraining to Obedience. The chorus jumped out at me:

To see the Law by Christ fulfilled,

To hear His pardoning voice,

Changes a slave into a child

And duty into choice.

These repeated words got me to think about my posture before the Lord. I have “seen” the Law by Christ fulfilled and “heard” his pardoning voice. How do I show that I have been freed to be a child? How do I break the bonds of being a pharisee and freely choose to follow? The ending of the song aims me true: “Now, freely chosen in the Son, I freely choose his ways.” It’s not me, it’s his work in me, conforming my will to his.

To get back to the posture thing, I grew up in a very conservative Presbyterian (PCUSA) church where any deviation from the usual was most upsetting. Having broken out of that church (and denomination), I’m experiencing different worship styles and the desire (aka the comfortable thing) is to run home to mama. I have adapted a very conservitive style of personal worship and have justified in my own mind why it is proper and right. This has also lead me to look at more charismatic worshipers as too emotional, not sincere enough. Obviously this is hog-wash. I have read the accounts of David dancing before the Lord and know that this would never have happened in my church, but was a natural and beautiful expression of what God had done for David. Is there a time to be still and know that He is God, of course. But there’s also a time to shout, dance, and praise. Bear with me if this takes me a while to figure out what it looks like to me, I’m new at this.


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