No more monkeys jumping in the crib!

Well, he finally did it.  Naptime today proved to be quite uneventful as far as sleep goes, but Avery, jr has succeeded in jumping/climbing/falling clear out of the crib!  I heard him jumping and this is nothing new – loves doing it – but this time I heard a great big THUNK and then some pathetic crying. I had cracked the door to check on him periodically, and the next thing I heard was him coming out of his room, looking for me in our bedroom.  I ran upstairs and picked him up. This is what he says, “FALL!”  I told him, yes, I know you fell!  That’s why you can’t jump in the bed, Avery. All he kept saying was “fall,fall, fall!”  We walked back in his room and he pointed at the crib and said “fall!”  So, we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, then he was calmer…he actually let me sing him to sleep.  We’ll just keep a running tally of how many times this happens, b/c he simply can not be in a toddler bed yet – he’d NEVER stay in it!! 🙂 


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One Response to “No more monkeys jumping in the crib!”

  1. Mama Says:

    Ah, yes, the memories! You use to sing and read books in your crib. Then you decided you would climb out, come into our bedroom and want to play – all about mdnight!! Eventually, we just kept the bars down on the crib just to keep you from damaging yourself! ….the memories! Mama

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