Vocab of a Toddler

So, I’m sitting here in my little walk-in clinic in the CVS pharmacy store, MinuteClinic, on a Sunday morning.  Just gave a guy the flu shot – get yours!!  You can take a look at the website – they’re all over the country: www.minuteclinic.com.  anyway, Av, jr. has been talking it up the past few weeks and it is getting fun to hear what all he is saying. A lot of it we don’t understand yet, but he is definitely the parrot now! A few of my favorite vocab words I don’t want to forget are:

fa fa – this is applesauce for some reason. don’t ask why!

kuck – this is truck!  Pretty good right now and we’re glad he’s not saying the common alternative to truck!

fee! -Said with enthusiasm, this is either fan or fish

nuuckk – it’s hard to describe this one. He’s saying milk, but it is the most nasal, back in your throat sound.  Try it…hold your nose and then say nuukk in the very back of your throat. Good job – anyone looking at you funny now? 🙂

choo-choos – cheerios!

wa-wa – water, of course

pah-lee – potty?

CA-co-cols:  Popcicles, one of his favorite snacks

pun-kee – pumpkin

Way-wee – This is how he says his name! 🙂

He has a few favorite phrases where he’s imitated the vowel sounds well, just the consonants are all over the place.  LOVES singing “Appy Dirday do you!”, “wat did oo dooooo?”, “lay-lay” – this is “see you later”. 

Just a few things for me to remember as he grows up so fast…I’m afraid I’m going to forget all this!  I’m eager to see him be a big brother.  We haven’t talked about it much, but there IS another baby coming in like 3 months…omigosh!  This one is about as rolly-polly in utero as Av, jr was…what does this mean?!  Avery can tell you where the baby is, and if you tell him to say hey to it, he’ll come over, pull up my shirt to uncover my belly, and give me a huge raspbery, aka “Zerbert” for all you Cosby fans!  It’s hilarious!  Makes me laugh and that makes him laugh even more. It’s a great game.



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