Saturday Morning

It’s been an interesting Saturday. Made some chocolate-chip pancakes for the wife and kid (pretty tasty) and kissed Jen bye-bye as she headed off to work. Noticed that our Pilot has been “egged.” Not only is throwing eggs at cars just stupid, it’s a needless waste of poultry. I’ve never thought of it until now, but I’ve never really classified scrambled eggs. Never, to me, have they been poultry, only a member the nebulous category of Breakfast Foods. But I digress, so after washing the egg off, the guys headed off to the park and the mall. One more example of why I hate cell phones. This guy was having an argument on the phone and was waving his hands around dramatically to add emphasis to his side of the story. He looked ridiculous.

Avery loves the kiddie car rides in the mall, you know you put a quarter in and it moves back and forth, and only now it costs $0.75! I don’t spend any $ making them move, and he never seems to know the difference. So he likes to climb in and out of the 3 cars there and push the buttons and “steer.” After 35 minutes of going back and forth between the cars, we had a free chick-fil-a lunch (awesome coupon). We retired to the house for a nap. Nothing much else to report, but stay tuned…


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