Out with the Wells girls

Well, I guess I’ll finally speak on my end of the trip we took last week.  Truly a great time with family and a chance to escape the heat for a week.  I’ll keep it in bullet-form to streamline my babbling a bit!

Sunday – hit the road shortly after church.  Kid managed to barf all over nursery floor at church mere hours before an 8 hour drive to Atlanta.  Awesome.  No further incidents and a great trip – with our 17 ft red canoe tethered to the top of the car…we looked GRRRREAT!  Bumping along I-75 at a blazing max speed of 65 mph.

 Monday – men left, kids didn’t get it. Hannah (niece) wanted to go “on the trail” as well, but we promised her a trip of her own tomorrow.  All’s well.

Tuesday-Friday – Drove up to Amicalola Falls State Park and stayed in 3 bedroom cabin.  Perfect.  Drive up was…not great.  At one point, we had all 3 kids crying/whining, were turned around (no, never lost!) in North Atlanta, trying to find food, cell phones going off, and my younger sister, Christina, who wasn’t able to make it said (on cell phone), “I am SO glad I’m not with you in that car right now!”  Thanks.  Finally made it to the cabin.  Lots of playing outdoors in the back “yard”, picking up nuts and sticks, Playground, wading in creek.  We made a visit to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm – highly recommend it. It acutally got a write-up in the Oct. issue of Southern Living which I read the night after we went that day.  Kids loved it!  Pumpkins of all kinds strewn on the ground, an old John Deere tractor for them to play on, and they were cooking something in the barn kitchen that smelled perfectly heavenly – pumpkin spice bread, pumpkin pie, something yummy!  Mom and I picked up a few pumpkins for our front doors at home! 

           Kids played with each other as well as can be expected from a 19 month-old and an almost 3 year old.  Hannah, bless her heart is so honest, she’d tell you exactly what she had done to make Av cry or scream or whatever…her fault or not!  She would say that she “smushed” him, she “hit” him and not telling what Av did to prompt it b/c he ain’t tellin’! 

Friday – drove back home with the magic of a portable DVD player and Sesame Street video…why didn’t we play this on the way up??!!  Kids going nuts over “C is for Cookie” and Cookie Monster.  Understand why parents let their kids watch 12 hours of TV a day…total silence – car bliss!!

Saturday – chilled in Stockbridge – played at the nearby park and got ready for the men to come home.  Calls came trickling in from fellas reporting they were off the trail that day. Avery wins the prize for calling first!! 🙂  They stay in lakehouse luxury one last night before coming home to wives and kids. 

Sunday – skip church…too many details to work out.  Men arrive 10:30 nice and cleanly showered (at least 3 times).  Wonderful sit-down dinner to share stories and tales of our separate trips.  Glad to be back together again (women more than the men I think!!) with whole family!  Av and I pack up and head home – Av is so pooped from week, he promptly falls asleep in car for like 2 hours.  Av and I both needed a pit stop, but NO WAY we were getting out of the car and waking him! 

All in all a wonderful trip, it was good to see my sister and mother and niece and nephew.  Will be glad when we are a bit closer to them in Nashville.  Did miss my husband. A whole week vacation and I felt like I needed another one just to be with him!  We did get a date night thanks to our good friends the Reeds! (thanks, guys!)  I’ll post some pics soon.       



One Response to “Out with the Wells girls”

  1. mixonitup Says:

    I, like most, have vomited and know how bad it feels. Watching my kid vomit was possibly more painful. The kicker was that he was dressed up in his 3-piece suit and had a tie on!

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