Laundry, Dirty Diapers and Online Banking

me and my boy

My initial posting on our new blogsite comes at the eve of our one week of vacation.  Avery will be hiking the AT and Li’l A and I will be in Atlanta during the hike.  I’m not wanting to get up this morning, knowing it is a day full of preparations and packing.  However, in the middle of the morning as I’m cleaning messy diapers I come to a realization:  My life currently consists of Laundry, Dirty Diapers, and Online Banking!  Yep – that’s what occupies my time these days, apart from playing with/chasing a toddler!  Laundry never ends, although Av has now figured out how to “help” by throwing various objects into the dryer as I’m loading it…balls, his favorite blankie, cars.  Cloth diapers are a definite money saver for us, yet do require some “hands 0n” treatment with those extra special packages the boy tends to deliver.  And we LOVE online banking…USAA is the bomb!  I can check to see how little money we have in it on a bihourly basis if I want!  Life as a resident’s wife, ah, the luxury of it all…can’t you tell?  We are probably the happiest we’ve ever been and that’s saying a lot.  Good place in life right now, great friends to fellowship with, and the poorest we’ll (hopefully) ever be!  It’s good.  I’m sure there will be postings from our trips, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I’m off to finish cleaning the kitchen, prepare our sunday school lesson, and try to be in bed at a decent hour tonight!  It’s raining outside….mmmm….feels like sleep!



One Response to “Laundry, Dirty Diapers and Online Banking”

  1. Jen Says:

    You forgot to add that you’re the CUTEST FAMILY EVER!!!!!

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